Council Officers for the 2017 - 2018 Fraternal Year

First Row: Kurt Flammini, David DeKoninck, James Kenyon, Dan Frank, Dick Olson, Tom Muncie

Second Row: Mike Horvath, Bob Ianni, Mike Wegner, Bill LaRue, Carl DeKoninck, Jim Ault, Doug Hunter, Fr Mike Murray, Mike Bobinski, Mike Siminski


Grand Knight: Michael Bobinski

Chaplain: Fr. Michael Murray

Deputy Grand Knight: Doug Hunter

Financial Secretary: James Ault

Treasurer: Dick Olson

Recorder: Bill LaRue

Chancellor: James Kenyon

Advocate: Dante Ianni

Warden: Kurt Flammini

Trustee 3 Year: Dan Frank

Trustee 2 Year: Tom Muncie

Trustee 1 Year: Mike Horvath

Inside Guard: David DeKoninck

Outside Guard: Carl DeKoninck

Knightlines: Ron Styka

Membership Director: Shawn Adair

Council Director: Dave Herring

Church Director: John Van Buskirk

Community Director: Steve Zayko

Pro-Life Director: Tom O'Dea

Youth Director: Steve Kwast

Family Director: Larry Leece

Men's prayer group

On any given Saturday, while most of Mid-Michigan is just starting their day, a group of men meet at St Martha Parish. An ordinary group to the casual observer, these men are offering prayers for healing. For anyone. For any reason. Their experiences with the group attest to the power of prayer in our lives, especially group prayer directed towards a specific cause. They also speak to the sense of inner peace that they experience as a result of this practice, and how it deepens their sense of connection to God. If you want to experience what these men have come to realize as an integral part of their faith lives, please accept this invitation to join them on Saturday mornings at 7:30am in the Bride's Room at St Martha Church in Okemos.

For more information please call Mike Siminski (517) 505-0270

greeter ministry1

Our patroness St. Martha is smiling to know that we are firing up a Greeter program again.  More than ever, we will be rewarded in the coming year and beyond for ensuring everyone who comes to Mass experiences the famous St. Martha hospitality from their very first impression.

The main elements of the Greeter program are as follows:

  1. We will have two individuals or two couples (so from 2 to 4 people) at each of the North and South entrances for each Mass.  Up to 32 total slots to fill each weekend.
  2. There will be specifically assigned individuals to each Mass and each door.
  3. The Greeters will have a name tag and/or badge.
  4. The Greeters will be in place beginning 15 minutes before Mass.
  5. The same Greeters will be in place from after communion until 15 minutes following Mass.
  6. There will be a dress code of sorts: Sport coats or better for the men; the women probably don’t need one, but we’ll come up with something if needed.

Over the summer we will start signing people up and working out the kinks for scheduling, training, name tags, etc.  Training may seem unnecessary for saying “Hello!” to people, but when you consider the type and nature of questions and situations a Greeter is likely to encounter, it’s a valuable part of the program.  People will naturally gravitate to Greeters for questions about . . .  everything; probably even when you aren’t on duty. We expect coverage may be spotty this summer, achieving full staff by September. Brennan Hayden is coordinating this important program.  Expect to hear from him, and if you want to be proactive and identify yourself as a member of the Greeter team, email Brennan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 517-505-7300.  Thanks.


Our Charity Golf Scramble is set for Sunday 9/10/17 at Meridian Sun hosted by Brother Knight and Head Pro Bill Mory. On Friday 7/28, Bill is having a Wine, Stein and Nine 9 hole scramble event beginning
at 6PM. Go to or call 339-8281 for more information. Our Charity Golf Scramble is a critical part of the fundraising we do to support our “works of charity”. Please come enjoy the course, some comradery and make plans to join us on 9/10/17 for our Charity Golf Scramble.